Trade Energy Commodities with 5Stars Forex

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Trade Energy Commodities with 5Stars Forex

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Trade Energy Commodities
Energy commodities are probably the commodities whose trading has the greatest effect on traders and non-traders alike. Fluctuations in the prices if any given energy commodity can have a substantial effect on the prices the consumer pays for heating, electricity and for transport. Energy commodities split into various types such as oil, gas and coal. Trade with wide range of energy products with us, like crude oil, natural gas, heating oil etc with tighter spread.


» Trade the widest range of Energy Commodities WTI Crude Oil, Brent, Natural Gas, Heating oil and Gasoil
» You may profit from rising as well as falling market trends
» Tight and FIXED spreads – So you know your costs upfront
» Guaranteed Stop Loss for reliable risk management

Heating Oil (HEO)
Heating Oil (HEO) is one of the major distillations of crude Oil, It acts as reflection of global weather conditions. Electronic trading allows fast and easy access to this volatile market. Heating Oil prices are affected by both the price of crude Oil but also the demand for heating. This in turn is correlated to weather conditions.

WTI Crude Oil (OIL)
West Texas Intermediary (WTI) is a blend of several U.S. domestic streams of light sweet crude oil. It is a popular energy commodity and is the American oil price benchmark. This is light, sweet crude as it is low in density and low in sulfur content. WTI crude (OIL) is used as a benchmark for pricing and it is closely aligned with Brent Crude (BRT) and the OPEC basket. Oil prices are particularly sensitive to geopolitical events particularly in the Middle East.

Brent Crude (BRT)
Brent Crude is a light oil crude sourced from the North Sea. It is a benchmark due to its quality and characteristics. Oil demand and supply disruptions may lead to wild price swings. Brent Crude oil serves as a major benchmark price for purchases of oil worldwide.

Gasoil (GAS)
Gasoil (GAS) is a major product of oil refining acting as a European oil distillate benchmark. One of many oil distillates used in fuel oil production. Electronic trading allows fast and easy access to this volatile market. Gasoil prices are affected by global fuel demand and supply disruptions as well as the demand for other oil distillates.

Natural Gas (NGS)
Natural Gas is fast becoming one of the leading inputs of energy production. This is not only due to its efficiency as a fuel but also its lower carbon footprint. Is set to surpass all other fuels as the main source of energy production. Natural gas prices are greatly affected by supply and demand disruptions not only of itself but also competing energy products.

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